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Kylie McCoy is a leasing agent for One Chestnut Place.

Quincy History Lives Here

Quincy History Lives at One Chestnut Place Known as the “City of Presidents” Quincy, Massachusetts is rich with history. If only John Hancock and John Adams could see what Quincy looks like today, they [...]

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The Benefits of Moving Into A New Full-Service Apartment Complex

One Chestnut Place is Quincy Center’s latest apartment complex. New construction, full-service and upscale living are just a few of the reasons to move here. Take a look below at the top benefits of moving to one of these [...]

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Introducing the Tallest Apartment Complex in Quincy

Introducing the Tallest Apartment Complex in Quincy Imagine this: you wake up just as the natural sunlight begins to pour into your 15th floor apartment. Out the big, bright windows, all you see [...]

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