Find Your Perfect Apartment With A Virtual Appointment

It is no secret that the process of finding a new apartment to call home can be a bit of a task. Between sifting through the thousands of options out there and finding the right agents to work with, it can be overwhelming, to say the least. Once you go through all of the above hassles, it doesn’t stop there. You need to then interrupt your daily routine to align your very busy schedule with another’s very busy schedule to see the building. Oftentimes you may be inquiring about an apartment that is out of town, making the showing even more of an undertaking. Well, we have a solution to all of this: personalized virtual appointments.

Now you can cut out all of the hassle that comes with in-person tours and allow myself and Kylie to take you through this beautiful building while you sit back in the comfort of your own home. Our virtual appointments are more than just a virtual tour, they are personalized one-on-one live appointments. During these appointments, we will guide you through the model unit, share with you renderings of the beautiful common spaces, go over floor plans that best meet your needs, and answer all of your questions during our video chat. You will be receiving the same in-depth tour that the on-site tours offer but as an added bonus, you will be the only one on the virtual appointment as opposed to the group showings on-site.

One of the downsides you often face when working primarily online is an inconsistency between photos and the actual unit. With One Chestnut Place, you can rest assured that what you see during your virtual appointment is exactly what you get. Since this is a new-construction building all photos are up to date and you will be the first people to ever live in your unit.

Let’s recap!

  1. You don’t need to leave your house
  2. Live video chat with agent Kylie and me to answer all of your questions
  3. Private appointment instead of group showing
  4. Accurate photos and renderings of the actual building

Since you are here reading this, we already know that you have gone through the searching process and landed on the perfect building, One Chestnut Place. If you are ready to cut out the hassle and conveniently see your next apartment home, click here to book your virtual appointment and join us!