One Chestnut Place is Quincy Center’s latest apartment complex. New construction, full-service and upscale living are just a few of the reasons to move here. Take a look below at the top benefits of moving to one of these new luxury apartments!

1. Move-In Costs Are Significantly Lower

Moving into an apartment is not cheap. In Boston, landlords can ask for first month’s rent, last month’s rent, security deposit, and then there’s the broker fee. The move-in costs for any new apartment complex will typically only charge the first month’s rent and a smaller security deposit….and there is NO broker fee! At One Chestnut Place, you can count on these low move-in costs to help you save during your move.

2. Your Utility Costs Will Be Less

New Construction is always more energy efficient. A brand-new apartment is up to 30 percent more energy efficient than a complex built 5 years ago. With higher-efficiency appliances and buildings with better indoor air quality, newly built homes are designed to be more efficient and environmentally friendly.

3. Less Maintenance Required

Full-service buildings have an on-site property manager or maintenance tech to respond to any issues you may have with an appliance or utility inside your apartment. One Chestnut Place will be professionally managed by Marina Bay Management, which is also based in Quincy.

One Chestnut Place Fitness Center4. Abundant Amenities

Everything from a fitness center, to a community lounge and work pod stations, full-service buildings really do make it convenient to be home. One Chestnut Place features all of the above.

5. Community Events

It’s not uncommon for full-service buildings to host weekly or monthly events with all the residents. I’ve seen Saturday BBQ’s, karaoke nights, and movie screenings in the resident lounge. It’s a great way to get to know your neighbor and make it an even more welcoming place to live. Stay tuned for more details about One Chestnut Place events once the building opens!

6. Latest Technology and Security

New apartment complexes have keyless FOB entry in order to enter the building as well as all amenity areas. Also, if you have a friend visiting, you can let them enter your apartment by using an app on your phone.

7. Concierge and Package Receiving

Have you ever come home to find your packages just lying on the floor of the lobby or entryway? With a full-service building, you can count on your packages being securely delivered and stored with the concierge or an electronic package concierge system. One Chestnut Place has Amazon lockers for easy and secure package pickup.

8. More Parking Options

Unlike the traditional brownstone apartments in Boston, most new buildings have garage parking or surface parking for their residents. One Chestnut Place has garage parking for only $125.00 a month!

9. Top-Notch Appliances and Upscale Finishes

Any brand new building features modern finishes and the most updated appliances. At One Chestnut Place, you can count on both– stainless steel GE appliances, porcelain bathroom floor tile, quartz countertops, and in-unit laundry to name a few.

10. It’s New!

Nothing beats new. There’s something about moving into a brand-new apartment that no one else has lived in before. You have the luxury of customizing it to make it your own, painting the walls, or hanging some artwork.